Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Marine Wildlife Crimes Training

Officers from D&C Wildlife Crimes Group attended a morning of Marine Crimes Training last week hosted by Cornwall College at the Durrell Centre for Wildlife Education, Newquay. (What a superb venue!!)

We were treated to a very interesting talk by Faye Archell about many aspects of Marine crime that we as officers may have to deal with. The programme followed a species theme, with each animal or family group discussed individually. It was a great opportunity to learn a bit about the animals lifestyles and movements as well as the laws and legislation surrounding each one. After this we all joined with staff at the college in the lecture theatre to discuss the job of a WCO. After an impromptu but informative speech by Sgt Dave Knight, each WCO in turn stood up (some remained seated!) and explained their current role in the force as well as a bit about themselves and the WCO role.
This was very well received by the staff and there was of course a few humorous moments! A short question and answer session followed before we retired for a very nice lunch! We must say a big thanks to all the staff at Cornwall College for being such superb hosts and allowing us to meet at their wonderful facility. It is hoped we have formed a strong bond with the college which we will enhance in the future with more partnership training for staff, students and WCO's.
For more information on best practice for watching marine wildlife see HERE